Daily Roundup 7/30/2010 TRADE THIS

some games are still in progress

–Jose Bautista has 31 home runs. I know this is said and said again, but dude has 31 home runs!
—He saw 23 pitches, total.
—-In four ABs, Lyle Overbay, Bautista’s teammate saw nine pitches.

–The Diamondbacks’ ace right now is Ian Kennedy, who couldn’t even make the 2008 Yankee rotation as a fifth starter. Just sayin’.
—The Arizona bullpen hasn’t imploded. Yet.
—-The Mets bullpen has—oh wait, that is predictable.

–Roy Oswalt was the victim of a 9-3 (that’s right fielder to first base) put out.

–Armando Galarraga is having a pretty horrible year luck wise–tonight he left the game after being hit by a Kevin Youkilis line drive in the fifth inning.

–This: “Braves starting pitcher Kris Medlen left the game in the fifth inning after being hit in the right arm with a Johnny Cueto pitch.”

–Jose Valverde threw FIFTY NINE pitches. FIFTY NINE! He’s a closer!

–The bottom of the eighth in the Rockies’ game.

Sean Marshall pitching for Chicago CHC COL
S Marshall relieved J Berg.
C Barmes doubled to deep left.
M Mora hit for R Betancourt.
M Mora singled to right, C Barmes to third.
D Fowler struck out swinging.
R Spilborghs hit for S Smith.
R Spilborghs struck out looking.
C Gonzalez singled to right, C Barmes scored, M Mora to second.
T Tulowitzki doubled to deep left, M Mora scored, C Gonzalez to third.
B Hawpe doubled to deep center, C Gonzalez and T Tulowitzki scored.
A Cashner relieved S Marshall.
C Iannetta tripled to deep left, B Hawpe scored.
I Stewart homered to right, C Iannetta scored.
C Barmes singled to right.
M Mora doubled to deep right center, C Barmes scored.
D Fowler homered to right, M Mora scored.
R Spilborghs singled to left center.
B Schlitter relieved A Cashner.
C Gonzalez singled to center, R Spilborghs to second.
T Tulowitzki doubled to deep left center, R Spilborghs and C Gonzalez scored.
B Hawpe walked.
C Iannetta walked, T Tulowitzki to third, B Hawpe to second.
I Stewart flied out to center.

via espn.com

That’s EIGHTEEN men to the plate in one half inning, or batting around twice. And almost all of the damage came with two outs.

I’m just going to let you oggle this.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup 7/30/2010 TRADE THIS

  1. Chad says:

    While you do mention both Galarraga’s exit and Jose Valverde’s high pitch count, this does not accurately capture how bizarre that game was. Consider:

    –The Tigers took a 1-0 lead in the top of the first and never trailed, yet their starter got a no-decision
    —Their closer gave up 4 runs and walked 5 (one intentionally)…and didn’t get a blown save or a decision.
    —-Not that he would’ve gotten a blown save even if the Red Sox had tied it up, as there was no save situation when he came in. (Note that it is possible to give up 4 runs and still get a save if a closer enters in the eighth inning, which Valverde did)
    —–Valverde entered the game in response to Darnell McDonald being announced as a pinch-hitter. And then ended up walking him.
    ——And the intentional walk was in response to McDonald being pinch-hit for an inning later.
    ——-Valverde managed to strike out the same batter (Mike Cameron) twice in one game, both times to end an inning. Again, he’s their closer.

    An unrelated oddity from this day that also went unnoted: Pittsburgh managed to shut out the Cardinals for nine innings.
    — They lost anyway. The fact that they themselves were held scoreless through nine is actually very predictable.

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