Daily Roundup, 7/23/10

Hiiiiyooo! Miss me? Yes? Awesome, I feel so loved. Some games still in progress.

–Donnie Murphy hadn’t played baseball at the Major League level since 2008, and now, after his walk off hit against the Rockies the other night, he had yet another walk off hit tonight.

–The Yankees-Royals game was delayed because of thunderstorms and a tornado warning. They weren’t playing in Kansas City.

–Jeremy Guthrie won today. It was his first win since May.
—He is, kinda sorta, was once supposed to be, the Orioles’ pseudo-ace.

–Michael Morse (WAS) had four home runs all season; he hit two tonight.

–Via @fangsbites: In the Seattle dugout, Chone Figgins took on the entire Mariners bench. He was tossed by his own team

–As @jessespector says, there’s bullpen fail in Arizona…and it’s not the Diamondbacks. That said, there are still three innings to go, so don’t hold your breath…
—-Like I said, you shouldn’t have held your breath.

–The Mets broke their 17-inning scoreless streak with two runs. They have yet to break their four-runs-or-less streak, however (they have one inning left, pending extras). Nevermind.

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