Daily Roundup, 07/22/10

One of these days, I will write a longer post…

– Both the Royals and the Yankees had 14 hits tonight. The Royals had 4 runs and the Yankees, 10.
I love Jorge Posada but sometimes I wonder what is in his head.
— Derek Jeter had his first inside-the-park home run since 1996 (!).

– Total WAR, per Fangraphs:
Robinson Cano 4.7
Mariners AS A TEAM 4.0
Astros AS A TEAM 0.0
Thanks to YankeesJunkie on RAB for that.

– Carl Pavano threw his second straight complete game. I will not offer any commentary other than %WL$JTLJDSLTJE%O$)^(*^(G)*56a.

– The Red Sox/Mariners game was just wacky. The Mariners were no-hit through 7.2 innings tonight by John Lackey, though he managed to give up a run during that time. It got broken up by Josh Bard, who’s hitting a robust .180. Then, the Red Sox went into the bottom of the ninth with a 5-run lead. The Mariners had never rallied from a deficit like that in the bottom of the ninth in the history of their franchise, and it’s a pretty good bet that the utterly pathetic offensively 2010 Mariners weren’t going to do that. But guess what? They tied it up! Then they lost in extras but really, it was pretty crazy.

– The Cardinals were one-hit over TWELVE INNINGS.

– The Mets haven’t scored in 17 innings. Their starter Hisanori Takahashi was coming off several rough outings, but tonight he went 7 innings of 3-hit ball… and got the loss.

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