Daily Roundup 7/17/10

Rebecca’s gonna be away for a bit. I’ll try and hold up the fort all by my lonesome.

– You know who the only pitcher in the majors to go 6+ innings in all of his starts, minimum 15 starts, is? Brett Myers.

– The White Sox lost today, but they gained a game in the standings. (the second-place team, the Tigers, played a doubleheader and lost both games.)

– The Royals’ Yuniesky Betancourt hit his second grand slam of the season. And the Royals still lost.

– Cliff Lee has thrown complete games in both of his first two starts with the Rangers. The Rangers are 0-2 in those starts. Maybe he should’ve just stayed in Seattle?
— In 17 innings with the Rangers, Lee has thrown a total of 44 pitches out of the strike zone.

– Josh Johnson, with his sub-2 ERA, threw another six shutout innings tonight. Yeah he’s kinda good.

– The Rays’ Reid Brignac hit two home runs today, doubling his output for the season. He now has as many home runs as Joe Mauer. Two True Outcomes Carlos Pena went 4-for-5.

– The Cubs’ Carlos Marmol walked 5 batters in 0.2 innings of work.

– The Mets didn’t score for 20+ innings after the All-Star break, then scored in three innings straight. Three times this year, a Met player has had a two-homer game on the road – Jose Reyes on June 19, David Wright on June 28, and Ike Davis tonight – and all three times, the Mets have lost those games.

– The Mariners came back from a 6-1 deficit, whoah. (They still lost)

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