Daily Roundup, 07/15/10

We’re BAAAACK! And so is real baseball.

Notes from the All-Star Game:
– Hey, the NL actually won!

– The White Sox’s Matt Thornton, who gave up what turned out to be the eventual game-winning three-run double to Brian McCann, has only given up one multiple-RBI hit to a lefty batter over the past two years.

– Andy Pettitte struck out more batters in one inning than Ubaldo Jimenez or David Price did through two.

– Pettitte and Cliff Lee threw the third and fourth innings, respectively, for the AL. They threw fifteen pitches total, thirteen for strikes.

– The pregame ceremonies were longer than the first four innings of the game. (Thanks to @Fletch788 on Twitter.)

And from today’s games:
– The Brewers/Braves game was a slugfest early on. Three home runs had been hit by the bottom of the third inning. The final score? 2-1, Atlanta.

– Ryan Howard went 3-for-5 with two home runs… and the Phillies still got absolutely crushed, 12-6 (and it was only that close because the Phillies scored four runs in the top of the ninth off a garbage time pitcher of the Cubs’).

– The Twins scored six runs in one inning tonight… and lost.

– The Twins/White Sox final score was 8-7. There was only one home run… and it was a solo home run… by Gordon Beckham.

– The Rangers scored six runs against Boston’s Tim Wakefield in the first inning tonight. It only took Wakefield 26 pitches to get through that inning, though (yeah, that’s a lot of pitches for one inning, but he gave up SIX RUNS!).

– The Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw struck out one or fewer batters (in this case, it was one) for the first time in his career, which to be fair, is only 70 starts, but still, dude is nasty.

– In the Mariners/Angels game, Angels leadoff man Erick Aybar and Mariners leadoff man Ichiro Suzuki each drove in three runs. They were the first pair of leadoff men to drive in three runs each in a game in almost a year and a half, since Ian Kinsler and Grady Sizemore did so in early April 2009. Oh, and Ichiro and Aybar are both in the bottom eight of RBI per AB (a truly stupid stat, but run with it) in all of baseball. Thank you, Hardball Talk, for providing this information.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 07/15/10

  1. JMK says:

    Some cool facts here, Bex. Just wanted to throw one more out: today marked the first time this season Gordon Beckham has notched more than two hits in a game. He’s still only one “streak” of two consecutive games with more than one hit on the year. But hey, he’s hitting .300 since June 28th.

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