Daily Roundup 7/10/10 (What are the pitchers putting in their Wheaties?)

–Travis Wood took a perfect game into the ninth for the Cincinnati Reds. It was his third career start.
—The Reds offered him 0 runs of support.
—-He was matched up vs. Roy Halladay, who also pitched shutout ball.
—–The Reds lost in extra innings. It was their third walk off loss in a row…and the two teams have one more game to play tomorrow. Some series, eh?

–Chris Tillman took a no-hitter into the sixth.
—For Baltimore.
—-Against Cliff Lee. Who gave up 3 HR and 6 ER.
—–He’s already pitched a no-no this year at AAA.

–Via @stevensmithy: Josh Hamilton entered today as the AL leader in hits with 117. 78 of them have come since may 30.

–Buster Posey has 7 HR already. We knew he’d be good, but he’s more or less the entirety of San Francisco’s offense right now.

–Whoa. Gordon Beckham hit a home run today. Even Joe Mauer has more home runs than that.

–Scott Kazmir’s pitching line includes 4.2 IP, 11 H, 13 R, 13 ER. He’s still pitching in the fifth inning. For the moment. How has his arm not completely gone Dravecky?

–Jose Bautista’s hitting home runs again. He has 24 of them now.

–Javier Vazquez took a no hitter through 5.2 innings, and it wasn’t exactly a clean hit that broke it up, either.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup 7/10/10 (What are the pitchers putting in their Wheaties?)

  1. Carlosologist says:

    Regarding SF’s offense, somewhere, Aubrey Huff and Pat Burrell shed tears.

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