Daily Roundup, 07/09/10

Insanity tonight.

– I’m watching the super delayed Orioles/Rangers game and on their last out, the Orioles (Corey Patterson!) just tied the game with a grand slam off of Neftali Feliz… oh, and now they took the lead in the top of the tenth.
If they hold on, the Orioles will have 11 wins where they’ve come back from three or more runs down. They already have ten, obviously. That’s more than anyone else in the major leagues. You could say that sure, they’re behind more often than most other teams… but they also have a really bad offense, and they’ve lost more often than any other team.
… and they just won! And it was their second big comeback win at Texas in a row, to boot.

– Speaking of crazy comebacks, I can’t really do justice to the Reds/Phillies game tonight, so here’s the WPA graph courtesy of Fangraphs. Just remember, Cody Ransom hit the game-tying home run for Philadelphia, who trailed 7-1 going into the bottom of the ninth. Cody Ransom.

– This is the first season in MLB history in which three teams rallied from deficits of six or more runs going into their final at-bat (Atlanta May 20, Colorado July 6, Philadelphia July 9). It’s happened against the Reds twice, and Mike Leake started both of those games.

– Another utterly insane game: the WPA graph for the Padres/Rockies game tonight isn’t quite as entertaining, but it’s still pretty good. Remember how incredibly untouchable Luke Gregerson of the Padres was for a while? In his first 37 games he allowed eight total runs and took two losses (W/L is a silly stat for a pitcher, as you should know already, but there’s a point to this). In the last four games he appeared in, he allowed seven runs and took three losses (thanks to @CliffCorcoran for that).

– Speaking of grand slams, there are three teams without grand slams this year: the Mets, Oakland, and … Toronto. How does Toronto not have a grand slam?

– Speaking of Toronto, their backup catcher Jose Molina has a two-game home run streak.

– Seattle had nine hits… and one run. Eh, seeing their offense, maybe this IS predictable. Chone Figgins had a double. That was his first extra base hit in over a month.

– The Tigers scored seven runs in less than two innings – against Francisco Liriano, to boot – and then didn’t score for the rest of the game.

– The Indians beat up on the Rays.

– The last team in the NL not to lose a game in which they held a lead in the ninth inning or later finally did so. That team? Pittsburgh.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 07/09/10

  1. Trever says:

    Toronto has the lowest OBP in the AL. It’s hard to hit grand slams when there’s no one on base.

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