Daily Roundup 7/6/10 (WTH, heat wave?!)

–Johan Santana hit his first career home run. It came on the 12th pitch of an at bat he had started with a bunt attempt.

–Ryan Howard hit a triple.

–Felix Doubront pitched to his former minor league manager, Gabe Kapler.

–Joe Mauer hit a home run, his fourth. It’s still less than Brett Gardner.

–The Tigers hit two triples in the same inning. The guys that hit them–Miguel Cabrera and Brandon Inge, are not especially fleet of foot–they have a combined 2 SB.

–Dewayne Wise (of the career .640 OPS) has hit home runs in back to back games

–A-Rod hit two home runs tonight (in Oakland, no less). I realize that this isn’t exactly unpredictable, but there’s a line about mounds here somewhere…

–Arizona’s bullpen gave up three runs in 2.1 innings—oh wait. Not unpredictable. It’s hot.

–Aramis Ramirez had two home runs for the Cubs tonight. Prior to tonight, he was hitting .178/.243/.296/.538 with an OPS+ of 40.

–The Rockies scored nine runs in the ninth inning to beat the Cardinals

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