Daily Roundup, 07/05/10

– As of tonight, Texas is the only team in the AL West with a positive run differential.

– The Yankees’ Curtis Granderson hit a triple tonight. That’s the Yankees’ 20th triple already. They had 21 all of 2009.

– The game between Baltimore and Detroit was rather loony today. It was 5-1 Detroit after one inning, 6-5 Baltimore after the top of the second, and 8-6 after two. The first two innings took almost an hour and a half to complete. The Tigers ended up winning 12-9; only one home run was hit in the game, and it wasn’t by the Tigers.

– In the Cubs/Diamondbacks game, Cubs pitchers struck out twelve Diamondbacks… and walked nine.

– The Phillies’ Roy Halladay (it’s weird to say that) threw his SEVENTH complete game.

– The Indians beat up on the Rangers. They had 12 hits… and nine runs. The Rangers had 11 hits… and 3 runs. The Indians hit four home runs in tonight’s game. That means they’ve had a four-homer game before the Yankees have.

– The day after he was snubbed for the All-Star Game, the Reds’ Joey Votto hit two home runs against the Mets. You think he’s angry? In the same game, the Reds’ pitcher Travis Wood, a spot starter by the way, hit a triple for his first career hit.

– Eric Patterson hit two home runs against the Rays, and the Red Sox still lost.

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