Daily Roundup: 7/04/10: Born in the USA!

–The Yankees beat the Jays in an extra inning walk-off, just like they did last year on July 4th—American Independence Day, because, as you know, Canada can’t win on our Independence Day!  (They can, however, win on Canada Day.  Just to be fair.)

–The day after hitting a Grand Slam, Brett Gardner had an inside-the-park home run.

–Mariano Rivera blew the save.  The first time he’s had two blown saves at home in about ten years.

–The Blue Jays are 0-11 when David Purcey appears in a game.

–The Reds hit seven home runs.  Drew Stubbs had three.  Joey Votto, presumable seething with rage at his All Star snub, was ejected early.

–Yuniesky Betancourt now has more home runs than Joe Mauer.

–Cliff Lee has the same number of complete games as walks.  He didn’t go all nine today, but it’s not like eight innings is bad.  Oh wait, he walked someone today?  Bah, now he has one more walk than complete game.  Bust.

–The Rays have won their first series in a month.

–The Rockies’ 15-inning game is the longest (timewise) that has ever been played at Coors Field

–The Giants, who played the Rockies, used nine pitchers in that game.  Nine.  You do the math.  Mota, who lost the game, intentionally walked <i>four</i> in his 1.1 innings of work.

–The Orioles beat the Red Sox.  Of Baltimore’s 25 wins, six have come against Boston.

–San Diego’s bullpen actually blew a lead, but the Padres won the game.

–The Pirates scored six runs in one inning…

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