Daily Roundup: 06/29/10

– The Brewers’ Yovani Gallardo hit his third home run of the season tonight. He’s a pitcher. That’s as many home runs as Joe Mauer has this year so far, too. Mauer currently leads the AL in Home Run Derby voting.

– Ryan Braun is slugging .490; Prince Fielder is slugging .473; Gallardo is slugging .514. (thanks to @d_a_cameron on Twitter.)

– Both the Marlins’ Leo Nunez and the Phillies’ Brad Lidge blew saves tonight; Nunez gave up two runs in one inning of work and Lidge gave up three. They both got wins. Pitcher wins are stupid.

– Minnesota’s Denard Span had three triples in a game. That’s the first time that’s happened since 2002.

– Cincinnati’s Arthur Rhodes gave up some runs to the Phillies. That might not seem that unpredictable, but those were the first runs he’d given up since April 10, a period of thirty innings. Arthur Rhodes having that kind of season so far? You guessed it – unpredictable.

– Cliff Lee has tossed three complete games in a row. He has more CGs in June than 21 teams have all season. Someone’s getting a pretty penny this offseason…

– … however, tonight, he actually walked a batter. It was only his fifth walk of the year. Mariano Rivera has more walks than that so far.

– The Cubs actually beat the Pirates. They’re currently 3-8 against Pittsburgh this season. Like so many things here, which is more unpredictable, that it happened, or that we’re even in a position to be surprised that it happened?

– Dontrelle Willis walked six (and struck out one) in four innings.

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