Daily Roundup, 6/28/10 (It’s gettin’ hot in here…)

Due to Con Edison’s fudgery,, I’ll try to make this quick as possible. Some games may be still in progress, and there are eight teams off tonight, hence this being kinda short. This compiled with much thanks to contributor JGS

–Ryan Howard hit a triple. It’s actually his third of the year. Dude can apparently run when he’s not hitting jacks. Or striking out.
—So did Jim Thome.
—-Actually, Thome’s hit a triple and a home run. Not that the home run is unpredictable–dude’s got over 500 of them, and all.

–Dan Haren hit a home run. He’s a pitcher. Then again, he’s been drinking the same water Micah Owing’s has been drinking, apparently…

–Stephen Strasburg, in his last three starts, has had combined one run of support.

–Jason Bay hit two home runs tonight. He’s up to six on the year. Hell, I think A-Rod has more than that…

–Francisco Liriano gave up four runs before getting an out.

–Billy Butler of the Royals has 21 DPs on the season. The record for a season is 36. Coincidentally, he did not have one tonight.

–Joe Mauer has only one more home run than Gerald Laird so far in 2010.

–The Pirates won, on the road. It’s their first road win since May 25th, the first in 17 road games and brings their road record to 10-31.
—They still have more road wins than the Orioles.

–Diamondbacks pulled a Luis Castillo. Yankee fans will understand.

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