Daily Roundup, 6/27/10

– The longest winning streak in the AL East currently belongs to the Baltimore Orioles, at four games. It’s also the Orioles’ first four-game winning streak all year.

– The Reds’ Arthur Rhodes hasn’t allowed a run in a month. (Thanks to @YanktheMike on Twitter)

Please take a look at the WPA graph from the Yankees/Dodgers game. Actually, Dodger fans may want to look away. The Yankees won, but at one point in the game they had just a 0.4% chance of winning the game. Also, the Dodgers’ Jonathan Broxton threw 48 pitches in one inning and blew a 4-run lead.

– This part of the box score from the Yankees/Dodgers game, too:
Out: Clayton Kershaw sacrifice bunt to the pitcher. On the play, Reed Johnson scored on Andy Pettitte’s throwing error. Runner on first with none out and Rafael Furcal due up.
Single: Rafael Furcal bunt single to third. Runners on first and second with none out and Ronnie Belliard due up.
Double: Ronnie Belliard sacrifice bunt to the pitcher. On the play, Clayton Kershaw scored on Andy Pettitte’s throwing error. Runners on second and third with none out and Andre Ethier due up.

Uh, Andy? What was going on there, babe?

– The Tigers scored ten runs and only had one extra-base hit.

– The Cardinals’ Jaime Garcia and his 1.79 ERA entering today got beat up… by the Royals.

– Brandon Wood hit a grand slam. I believe this is the second game in a row where the Angels hit a grand slam. Last year, despite scoring the second highest number of runs in all of baseball, they didn’t hit a single grand slam.

– Tampa Bay lost a one-run game to the Diamondbacks. In his last two starts, Arizona’s Rodrigo Lopez has beaten the Yankees and Rays. In their three-game series with the Diamondbacks, the Rays had only seven hits.

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