Daily Roundup: 6/22/10

– Three of the Phillies’ Jamie Moyer’s last four starts have been eight innings or more with two or fewer runs given up. The other start? 1 IP, 9 R.

– The Phillies scored only two runs again… but won.

– Andy Pettitte pitched seven innings and gave up two runs. His ERA went up. And the runs he gave up were driven in by the opposing pitcher.

– In the above game, someone from the Arizona bullpen had a 1-2-3 inning (an inning after another member of the Arizona bullpen gave up five runs without recording an out, so sometimes you can predict baseball).

– In the top of the eighth in their game against Arizona, the Yankees scored six runs in a span of 27 pitches. Also, before the Arizona bullpen came in, Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner, Jorge Posada, and Curtis Granderson had no hits; the pitcher Andy Pettitte had one hit.

– The Rockies beat the Red Sox 2-1 at Coors.

– Jose Bautista hit two home runs (not unpredictable in 2010). He is now the first player with 20 HR in all of baseball. Oh, and the Blue Jays lost despite that.

– The Mets scored 14 runs in a game Justin Verlander started against them. No one on the Mets hit a home run.

– The Pirates had 10 hits and only 3 runs in their loss to the Rangers. The Rangers had seven hits and six runs. Oh, and the Rangers are tied for the second best record in baseball.

– The Mariners have given up ONE RUN over the past FORTY-ONE INNINGS. The starting pitchers for the next two games are Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez, too. Of course, considering what this site’s all about, they’ll probably get lit up…

– There were three baseball games yesterday. In two of them, a team hit three home runs in one inning.

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