Daily Roundup: 6/20/10 (Happy Father’s Day!)

The Sunday night game is still in progress

–Today was John MacDonald’s first game back for the Toronto Blue Jays since the passing of his father. Cito Gaston put him in in the ninth inning, and he hit a home run. On Father’s Day. If that doesn’t make you feel, you’re heartless.

–Carl Pavano beat Roy Halladay. The two pitchers are both 8-6. Cy Halladay, mayhaps not so fast.

–The Angels managed just one run on ten hits, while the Cubs were a wee bit more efficient: 12 runs on 18 hits.

–The Braves are 42-28. That’s one of the best records in all of baseball. Their fifth starter, Kenshin Kawakami, is 0-9.

–Manny Corpas has appeared in four games in a row for the Rockies (he’s a pitcher). The actually-this-is-probably-predictable result: five runs on three hits and a walk without a single out recorded. The Rockies lost, 6-1 (or, you know, by five runs).

–The Yankees have seven grand slams this season–three on the just-finished homestand alone–after having had three all season last year.

–Francisco Cervelli had his third triple this season, the most for a Yankee catcher since 1998 (with thanks to Chad Jennings of LoHud

–Cliff Pennington saw 27 pitches in 3 ABs (that’s 9 pitch per AB) and went, perhaps not coincidentally, 3-3. If you’ve just lost Hanley on your fantasy roster…

–The Cardinals had exactly two ABs with runners in scoring position, and they still scored two runs (Matt Holliday solo shots)

–Pirates manager John Russell was ejected…for arguing a foul call.

–The Chicago White Sox had six hits in a row, and won their game. They have not had a home run in eight games.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup: 6/20/10 (Happy Father’s Day!)

  1. How about Pavano with the CG and only two Ks? That’s crazy.

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