Daily Roundup: 06/17/10

– The Yankees opened the Yankees/Phillies series by pounding Roy Halladay for six runs in six innings. Then, last night, they scored two runs against Jamie Moyer in eight innings. Tonight, they had four hits, all singles, and one run against Kyle Kendrick in seven innings.

– The Phillies have scored 6+ runs two nights in a row for the first time in uh forever? Hope whatever they had, the Yankees didn’t catch. 😦

– The Mets’ RA Dickey is 5-0?

– Speaking of the Mets, before this road trip they hadn’t swept a series on the road since late 2008. They’ve now swept two in a row.

– The Pirates have apparently lost eleven straight. I know they’re bad, but…

– I didn’t see it, but this summary of a weird overturned call the Astros/Royals game makes it sound pretty entertaining.

– The Rockies beat the Twins 5-1. Both teams had the same number of hits, eight. Also, after a terrible first inning, Francisco Liriano was pretty much completely shut-down good for the other six innings he pitched but, unfortunately, he was up against that Ubaldo Jimenez guy… who became the first pitcher since Roger Clemens in 1986 – you might have heard that was kind of a good year for him – to win 13 of his first 14 starts in a year.

– The Reds’ Bronson Arroyo hit a home run. He’s a pitcher. He also gave up one run over seven innings to the Dodgers, a pretty good offensive team, despite giving up five hits and six walks over those seven innings, with only one strikeout.

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