Daily Roundup, 6/14/2010

Why, hello there reader!

Kind of a down day, with just four games going on (out of a possible fifteen), and none of the games really seems all that terribly exciting.

People that can’t pitch can’t pitch, people that hit, hit, and the results are, what’s the word…predictable.

–John Buck hit Toronto’s 100th home run of the season. I realize they’d had a down week, but still, to be at 100 home runs this early, makes you wonder what they’re drinking north of the border, or if the exchange rate applies to baseball statistics as well.

–Pat Burrell has been hitting .407 with the Giants. Guess he’s, you know, a National League hitter…

–Albert Pujols is supposedly having a “down year”. He reached base five times today.

–Ichiro hit a lead off home run [insert comment about how he only hits home runs when he wants to]. It’s actually only his second HR of the year.

–Ryan Braun hit a grand slam, which is recorded here merely as a point of pride.

And that’s about it, barring miracle comebacks, but it’s the west coast and I have a bedtime.

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