Daily Roundup: 6/11/10

Because of the early World Cup games, I’m going to pretend to have a bed time tonight and get this up a little earlier than usual.

Some games are still in progress

–Jaime Moyer allowed nine runs to the Boston Red Sox tonight, and he did so while recording a total of three outs (in other words, over one inning). Ubaldo Jimenez had allowed nine runs all season heading into tonight.

–Via @torbenbraga, Brennan Boesch, the Tigers’ rookie, has more HR (7) than Joe Mauer (2) and Raul Ibanez (3) combined.

–The Rays have allowed fourteen runs (so far). It’s the fourth time all season they’ve allowed nine or more runs and by far the most allowed this season.

–Texas and Milwaukee have combined for five home runs through five innings. Corey Hart has 8 home runs in his last fifteen games.

–The Orioles are on pace to lose 117 games this season. 117 games! It’d be one thing if Baltimore was expected to be bad, but many thought this was the year they’d at least make a run at .500… I shudder to think of the .700, .800 ball they’d have to play the rest of the way to get there. Baltimore had 17 at-bats with runners in scoring position… and no RBI. If you want Runners in Stranded Position, look no further.

–Austin Kearns hit two home runs tonight for the Indians. He’s quietly putting together a very excellent season.

–The Reds have 12 wins in their final at bat this season, so far. The Yankees, in the magical pie-campaign of 2009? Twelve walk offs all season. Of course, there’s a huge difference–final ABs could be the eighth inning at home or ninth on the road–but it’s still a huge number for this point of a season. If they win tonight, it’d be #13.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup: 6/11/10

  1. I wonder if the Yankees will target Kearns at the deadline.

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