Daily Roundup: 06/10/10

Please take a look at the last play of the Cubs/Brewers game because I can’t truly describe it properly and it must be seen.

– Jim Edmonds batted leadoff for the Brewers today. He hadn’t done that since 1999.

– Before this series with the Brewers, the Cubs had no walkoff losses. They had two in this series.

– The Mets and Padres played a doubleheader today. In the first game, at one point, the Padres’ pitchers retired 22 Mets in a row as they won 4-2. In the second game, Jon Niese of the Mets retired 21 Padres in a row with a one-hit, complete game shutout.

– In that second game, the Mets hit into a triple play. That’s the third triple play this year already. The Mets had already turned a triple play this year, and remember they hit into a triple play last year, too.

– The Red Sox had a 5-0 lead against the Indians with Jon Lester pitching… and then the Indians took a 6-5 lead. Of course, Kerry Wood just blew a save, so you know, sometimes you can predict baseball. UPDATE: But then Daniel Bard, who the Red Sox were using to close because Papelbon’s on the bereavement list, blew the save and the Indians won anyway. Go figure.

– In that same game, Andy Marte made three errors in one inning.

– The Twins just had six hits in one inning. They’re still losing.

– AJ Burnett hit two batters in one inning. Actually, if you watch a lot of AJ Burnett, you know this is pretty predictable (sorry, AJ).

– Because of A-Rod leaving with an injury, the Yankees’ cleanup hitter was Ramiro Pena for the second time in three days.

– Dontrelle Willis has walked 24 batters in his last 24 innings.

– The Orioles won a one-run game.

– The Phillies got shut out again!

– Omar Vizquel hit a home run.

– Wilson Betemit had two home runs in one game.

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