Daily Roundup, 06/08/10

– Stephen Strasburg made his debut and he might have actually exceeded the hype. Rebecca might have some more for you tomorrow… BUT know that he gave up a home run to Delwyn Young.

– Last night, Cole Hamels had a no-hitter through six and one-third. He then gave up back-to-back home runs and ended up losing the game. Oh, and behind the plate? Jim Joyce.

– The Mets won their ninth straight at home. They’re 23-9 there. On the road? 8-18!

– We’re currently in the seventh inning of the Dodgers/Cardinals game. No score, but Randy Winn has the only two hits for the Cardinals. (Aaand now it’s no longer true.)

– Tampa’s Jeff Niemann threw a complete game two-hitter against Toronto. Which is more surprising, that he did that, or that the two hits weren’t home runs?

– The Cubs’ Carlos Silva is 8-0 to start the season. Meanwhile, all of the Cubs’ other starters currently have losing records, and only one of them has an ERA over 4.

– Tonight, Tim Wakefield became the Red Sox’s all-time leader in innings pitched… then promptly served up a home run to Shelley Duncan.

– Ramiro Pena batted cleanup and the Yankees still scored 12 runs. (Okay, this is totally cheating, they took A-Rod out when it was 12-3.)

– The Phillies won 10-8!!!!!!!

– The Orioles haven’t scored more than five runs in a game since May 27. Tonight, they had fifteen hits, and scored seven runs… and lost.

– Baltimore’s Adam Jones has seven home runs in 2010 so far. Tonight was his first in his home park, the hitter-friendly Camden Yards.

– Zack Greinke lost too. This isn’t unpredictable… however, he actually gave up six runs over five innings, so he lost on a genuinely poor performance as opposed to 1-0 on some unearned run.

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