Daily Roundup: 6/6/10

The Sunday Night game is still in progress

–Ubaldo Jimenez gave up runs! Two runs on one swing, to Conor Jackson–who has a career OPS+ of 65. That said, his ERA is still under one. The seven hits he allowed were six more than Javier Vazquez allowed all afternoon (though Jimenez pitched one more inning).

—Jimenez gave up runs; the Arizona bullpen did not.

–Javier Vazquez allowed one hit through seven innings. Brandon Morrow also pitched excellently, as the Yankees were scoreless until the eighth. Both pitchers came into the game with ERAs over six, though, Yankee fans will tell you, Vazquez has pitched much, much better of late.

–Randy Wells had never gave up a run to the Astros before today’s start – it was 3-0 after five batters today.

–Manny Parra of the Brewers struck out seven in two innings– four in one inning…and has K’d 10 in the game so far. As I write this, it’s the fifth inning. There have been 4K innings twice in the past week.

–Speaking of strikeouts, Rich Harden struck out Reid Brignac – on 15 pitches

–The Orioles won for the first time in ten games. The Red Sox actually did something Yankee fans can only dream of, and pitched their closer in a tie game on the road…

–Two closers–Brian Wilson and Francisco Cordero–both got wins after blowing saves

–Los Angeles Angels and Seattle scored a collective 13 runs despite going a combined 5-32 with RISP

–Nick Blackburn is 6-3 with an ERA over 5.00. Kevin Millwood has an ERA almost a full point lower…and is still winless.

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