Daily Roundup: 6/2/10

Some games are still in progress; this post may be updated as they unfold. Unless I fall asleep first.

Ken Griffey Jr announced his retirement today. Bex may have a post on it for you all in the near future.

–Okay, so, the story tonight is Armando Galarraga’s perfect game blown by a bad call on the last out. He should have had the third perfect game this season, and second in a week, but Jim Joyce ruled Cleveland’s Donald safe, when the replay (see our previous post) shows him clearly out.

By all accounts, Galarraga and Joyce both showed tremendous class afterwards; Joyce owning up and admitting his mistake and Galarraga even giving the umpire a hug. You can read about some of the reaction, including Joyce’s quote here.

—Overlooked is going to be how quickly that game was played: 1:44. An hour and forty-four minutes. I had to check to see if Joe West was on the umpiring crew for that one, but he was not.

–The Phillies have been shut out six times in their last eleven games; they were shut out 7 times all of last year. With credit to @robneyer for that one. The Phillies lost again today, having scored just one run. While it’s logical to assume that this is probably just a slump, they’re currently trailing the Braves in the NL East.

–Arizona lost their game, their 10th in a row. Actually, this is kind of predictable. What is not is that their pitching staff pitched thirteen scoreless innings before losing in the 14th. This involves a full 9 innings from Edwin Jackson and three scoreless innings from their bullpen.

—-The loss, however, was their fourth straight walkoff loss.

–I’d say something about the Mets losing on a walk off grand slam, but that’s not unpredictable, when the Mets are on the road. Johan Santana pitched 15 scoreless innings on their road trip, and the Mets lost both of those games.

–Your league leaders in home runs right now are Paul Konerko and Jose Bautista, with 16 a piece. Say what?

–The Blue Jays did not hit a home run. Come on, now, at this point, it is an unpredictability if they don’t!

–Yovanni Gallardo hit his second home run of the season tonight. You knew this already, but he’s a pitcher.

–ETA by bexy: The Mariners won their game against the Twins… on another blown call.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup: 6/2/10

  1. Kyle Lobner says:

    Great blog – just started reading about a week ago but it’s quickly become one of my favorite morning reads and received multiple links in the Frosty Mug.

    Just thought I’d let you know that Yovani has one N.


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