Daily Roundup: 6/1/2010

As of this post, West Coast games have just started and there does not appear to be a lot of oddness and unpredictability going on yet. There may be updates, though. 😀

– Last night, the Padres scored sixteen runs through six innings against the Mets. The Phillies had scored fifteen runs in the past ten games.

– In that aforementioned Padres/Mets game, the Padres scored eighteen runs… and yes, they were playing in Petco.

– The Padres’ Kevin Correia entered yesterday’s Mets/Padres game with a lifetime record of 0-3, but a tiny 1.69 ERA, against the Amazins. Last night, he gave up six runs in six innings – and got the win.

– Ryan Howard homered tonight. That’s not really unpredictable. What is? The fact that the home run was the Phillies’ first in nine days and sixty-eight innings.

– Kevin Gregg of the Jays faced eight batters. He walked five of them.

– Tim Lincecum has walked twenty batters in his last four starts.

– Javier Vazquez and Brian Matusz entered tonight’s Yankees/Orioles game with a combined 6.23 ERA. They combined for 13.2 IP and two earned runs. Credit to JGS at RAB.

– Ty Wigginton attempted to avoid a tag after hitting a tapper up the first base line by running back toward home plate. It was an epic fail, but it was original.

– Brian Matusz’s ERA against the Yankees this year, in three starts, is under three, and he’s 0-3 against them.

– AJ Pierzynski is batting second for the White Sox tonight. His line so far this year reads .211/.255/.309/.564, 50 OPS+. He also has terrible numbers against the starter the ChiSox faced. You CAN predict Ozzie, I guess.

– After wins this year, the White Sox are 4-17.

– Victor Martinez hit four doubles today. That’s the most in any one game since Alex Rios did it in 2008.

– Last year, Curtis Granderson had 30 home runs, and only two were off of lefties. So far this year, a third of his home runs are off lefties. (Holy misleading stats, as he only has three. =P)

– The Arizona bullpen went a whole two innings without allowing a run!

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