Daily Roundup: 5/30/10

So even when Bex and Rebecca decide to go out and do stuff on a gorgeous summer day, wonkiness still happens in baseball.

With enormous thanks to our reader, JGS:

–Max Scherzer struck out fourteen Athletics, the most strike outs for any one pitcher in a single game in 2010, beating out Lincecum and Ubaldo (who each have 13 k games). He did this in 5.2 innings, which is one K every 14/17 outs. That’s a prime fraction.

–The Toronto Blue Jays have hit 53 home runs in the month of May (so far). There are 23 teams that have yet to do that all year.

–Justin Masterson, who had a .386/.483/.545/1.028 line against lefties coming into today, threw 6.2 of 3-run ball against a lineup with six lefties striking out 8

—-Meanwhile, AJ Burnett walked no one–his first walkless start since 2008

–The White Sox scored 8 runs despite going 2-13 with RISP and getting thrown out three times on the basepaths.

–The Angels had their second straight walk-off home run—and no broken legs this time.

–Albert Pujols hit three home runs (okay, maybe this isn’t so much unpredictable…)

–The Phillies, a day after winning 1-0 because Halladay tossed a perfecto, lost 0-1. They’ve scored seven runs, six earned, going back to Friday the 22nd of May.

–The Brewers scored four runs today, and they had one AB the entire game with a runner in scoring position.

–Orlando Hudson was injured on the final play of the Minnesota/Texas game, after colliding with Denard Span in the outfield. Second time in two days a player has been hurt on the last play of the game.

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