Daily Roundup: 5/27/2010

  • In today’s Brewers-Astros game, which went into extra innings, Ken Macha had a chance to pinch hit with either his back up catcher, or a pitcher.  He pinched-hit with a pitcher, Randy Wolf.  Wolf K’d, but the Brewers won anyway–on a walk off walk.
  • Speaking of that same game, the Astros went 1-17 with RISP.  I know that the Astros are having trouble scoring runs, but 1-17 is just…wow.
  • In the Boston/Kansas City tilt, Daisuke Matsuzaka walked five batters in one inning (and eight, total).  This itself isn’t so much remarkable (it’s Dice-K, after all) as is the fact that it was the Royals who walked.
  • Check out this piece about Ted Lilly and whether he may, or may not have been cheating today (the Cubs won, anyway).
  • Freddy Sanchez tried to steal a base today.  He didn’t make it.  In over 3000 career PAs, he has ten stolen bases.
  • The Philadelphia Phillies.  Where to begin?  They scored three runs (and only three runs) on Sunday, against the Red Sox.  They haven’t scored since.  It’s now five minutes to Friday.  Yeah, that’s right, it’s been almost a week since the Phillies last scored.  More:  they were just swept in a set by the Mets, of all teams.  The Mets, who have pretty much a Pelfrey-Santana-pray for rain rotation, and Santana didn’t even pitch in the series.
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