Never boring on the North Side

The Chicago Cubs. What can I say? Maybe my favorite non-Yankee blog is Cubby-Blue, where a long-suffering Cubs fan illustrates the many foibles of that team. Check it out if you have time and be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing the archives, it’s quite excellent.

I find the Cubs kind of fascinating. It’s not just THE CURSE! (and pssst, curses don’t exist), it’s their constantly entertaining existence. They’re not quite in Metsenfreude territory, but… Lou Piniella, the crazy renditions of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at Wrigley, Soriano being Soriano, the fact that they’re currently 1-5 against the Pirates. And did something happen with a fan during the playoffs a few years ago? I can’t quite remember. At any rate, there’s always something; they’re never boring. They’re decidedly one of the more entertaining teams in baseball.

Out of all the Cubs, I find Carlos Zambrano the most fascinating of all. As Wikipedia puts it, he is “noted for his vibrant personality on the mound.” I guess it’s because he’s a huge guy who isn’t afraid to put the beatdown on some water coolers when a call doesn’t go his way. Early in 2010, the Cubs were having some rotation issues, with a surplus of starting pitching, so they moved the struggling Zambrano to the bullpen. He continued to falter there, however, so as it turns out, they’re moving him back to the rotation. Part of me would like to see this relief pitcher-starting pitcher shuffle all season long, as it would be entertaining. Or, Zambrano turning into a pinch-hitter. What? Dude can hit.

On a blog like this, we’ve gotta show love to the Cubbies. They’re certainly never predictable. I mean, Alfonso Soriano’s having a great season and Derrek Lee isn’t, so far. What? A lot of people like to joke that if they ever do win the World Series again, baseball will have to end, but I say to this proposal a definite no. It’s not like I’m rooting for them to win, because I’m a Yankee fan and let’s face it, their futility is just as amusing as everything else with that organization, but – after all, if even the Cubs can win the World Series, who’s to say what else can happen?

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