Even Pujols slumps

In case you didn’t know, Albert Pujols is really, really, really, really, really, really good at baseball. He’s almost certainly the best player in the game today, even considering that he plays a non-premium position. So far in his career, he’s in the conversation for one of the best players of all time, and he’s already more or less assured of landing in the Hall of Fame unless the writers find out he murdered kittens or something. Heck, there’s talk that he might not even be human.

But the fact remains – he is. Well, maybe. I wouldn’t bet on it, but he’s sort of showing that lately; Pujols is in a bit of a slump in May. Only with Pujols could you get a bit worried over a stat line that reads like .303/.413/.527/.941, 149 OPS+ overall, but the fact remains that in May, that line is .256/.396/.385/.780, with just one home run. If May ended right now, that’d be the second-worst month of his entire career, behind his .256/.356/.359/.715 June 2006; from when he debuted in 2001, he’s only had an OPS below .800 in two separate months, not counting May 2010. Again, this guy is REALLY good at baseball. Additionally, he got into a recent spat with his manager Tony LaRussa when another Cardinal was caught stealing to end an inning with Pujols at bat. When your team is slumping and struggling to score runs and your star player, probably the best in baseball, is arguing with your manager, well, that’s… not good.

So, what’s the point of all this? I’m not really sure. If you learn one thing from this site, it should be that baseball is weird and unpredictable. As the rather unoriginal title of this post says, even Pujols slumps. It’s why you can’t panic in baseball, because it’s a long season. Unexpected offensive heroes of the early part of the season will probably fade away; guys who currently kinda suck but have made a career out of hitting really well, like Pujols and I’M LOOKING AT YOU MARK TEIXEIRA aren’t going to slump forever, though slumps happen to everyone. Yes – even Albert Pujols.

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One Response to Even Pujols slumps

  1. Joan says:

    This gave me some hope. Because I know Mark is better than this and I’m sure he’ll finish the season close to leading the league in RBIs.

    And the new blog looks awesome, great job to both of you!

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