Daily Roundup: 5/25/10

(West Coast games are still in progress)

  • Vlad Guerrerro, Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz all homered tonight, on the road.  All three have extreme home/road OPS splits–as of earlier this evening a difference of .479, .335 and (!!) .592 for Cruz (1.415 at home; .823 on the road)
  • Tampa Bay and Philadelphia have two of baseball’s best offenses, yet tonight Tampa was one hit and Philly….has scored three runs, total, in their past three games, all in the ninth inning of Sunday’s affair.
  • Kenshin Kawakami is 0-7 to start the year.  He’s got a lower ERA than Derek Lowe (6-4).  This is, of course, evidence as to the stupidity of using pitcher W/L’s as any sort of defining statistic.  Says the one who just used it as such in her last post.  Oops.
  • Arizona’s bullpen did not give up a run.  (Arizona still lost)
  • RA Dickey battled Jaime Moyer tonight.  Rumor has it that the two combined to throw 144 pitches that didn’t top 80 MPH.
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One Response to Daily Roundup: 5/25/10

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    The Rays were also no-hit (and no-walked) by Dallas Braden a couple of weeks ago.. I think it’s a hint that their offense isn’t actually one of the best talent-wise, thought they have performed that way in 2010. Once they cool, they’ll have some trouble keeping up their pace through the summer.

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