Daily Roundup: 5/24/2010

There were only four games tonight and most of the things that happened were, like, the Pirates and Indians losing, so not a terribly weird night. There’s always something, though.

– Toronto scored six runs tonight, none by home run. Keep in mind that in a recent game against Arizona, they scored six runs – all by solo home run.

– Wade Davis, a Tampa starter, lasted only 3.2 innings because he had a genuinely bad performance. That’s the shortest outing by any Tampa pitcher this year, outside of injury.

– Andy Sonnanstine pitched three scoreless innings against Boston.

– The Angels have played the Blue Jays six times this year. The Yankees, an AL East division rival, haven’t played the Blue Jays once.

– The White Sox scored seven runs! Of course, it was against Cleveland pitching.

– Here’s the current voting for the All-Star Game AL DH:
1. Vlad Guerrero
2. Hideki Matsui
3. Ken Griffey Jr.
4. Pat Burrell (MULTIPLE INTERROBANGS?!?!?!)
5. David Ortiz

– This is from the minor leagues, but if you follow baseball, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Stephen Strasburg – I hope you are all sitting down – GAVE UP A RUN.

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