How to Feel Better About Your Bullpen

(Assuming you’re not a Diamondbacks fan)

You may have heard about the bullpen out there in Arizona.

It’s not very good.

Now, we all know that some teams can have bad bullpens, and that bad bullpens can destroy a team’s hopes for the postseason–just ask the 2008 Mets.

We can certainly predict that some teams, with certain relievers, might not be setting themselves up for good things.

What I’m pretty sure no one predicted, however, is just how bad the Arizona bullpen has been in 2010.

It’s still early, and there’s still plenty of time for regression to the mean, but the numbers thus far are just out-and-out ugly.

There are the basic numbers (through 114.1 IP): 107 runs allowed (the starters have allowed 151 in 265), 7.79 ERA, 1.802 WHIP, and then the opponents’ batting line of .295/.384/.538/.922 .

Yeah, that’s right. Opponents batting against the Arizona bullpen are OPSing to the tune of what Jason Bay and Kendry Morales did in 2009. In fact, in all of 2009, only 19 baseball players had a higher OPS.

So the Arizona bullpen is not just getting hit; they’re getting hit hard. And, given that these numbers are bullpen totals, we know it’s not Chad Qualls all by his lonesome…

Via our friends at Baseball Prospectus, you could make the argument that Arizona’s bullpen is the worst, ever.

It’s certainly, thus far, the worst in the modern era of the bullpen–that is, bullpens with specialized relievers, as opposed to simply being the dregs of the pitching staff.

At some point, one would think that the Arizona bullpen would start to regress somewhat towards the mean; that it could be bad but maybe not a 7.79 ERA. One would think.

Then again, this being baseball…

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