Daily Roundup: 05/22/2010

– The final score of last night’s Mariners/Padres game? 15-8, Seattle. I’ll just leave that right there for you all to gawk at. I’m pretty sure I’d have taken the under on the Mariners scoring fifteen runs in the three-game series.

– In tonight’s Yankees/Mets game, the Yankees’ starting pitcher Phil Hughes had his first major league career PA. During the game, he had a higher WPA at the plate than Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, or Robinson Cano.

– Boston’s Daisuke Matsuzaka, who’s been struggling, almost no-hit the Phillies, an excellent offensive team; the no-hitter was broken up with two outs in the eighth. What’s odd here isn’t that Dice-K had a near no-hitter against a really, really good team. It’s that The Greatest Catcher Of All Time Jason Varitek DID NOT call a no-hitter.

– The Nationals’ Nyjer Morgan, one of the best defensive players in baseball in 2009 with 15.2 UZR in CF, had a terrible misplay of a ball hit off the bat of Baltimore’s Adam Jones, then threw a fit, allowing Jones to have an inside-the-park home run.

– Apparently the White Sox and Marlins are natural interleague rivals.

– As of right now, nothing else too interesting. You can tell it’s a boring night when I resort to lame Jason Varitek jokes. Seattle hasn’t scored a run yet tonight, so I guess sometimes you can predict baseball.

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