Daily Roundup: 05/21/2010

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As of this writing, west coast games are still in progress.

Notes from around the Majors:

  • Brad Penny (p) hit a grand slam for St. Louis.  It was his third career home run, and first since 2003. Snarky comment added by bex: He hurt himself doing so. Uh, Brad, you’re on the Cardinals, not the 2009 Mets/2010 Yankees. They’re the only ones who hurt themselves in silly ways, apparently.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays, with 226 runs scored and 130 runs allowed (+96 diff) lost to the Astros, who have 124 runs scored, 191 allowed (-67 diff).
  • The Minnesota Twins scored 15 runs…and didn’t hit a single home run.
  • The Seattle Mariners scored seven runs…in one inning.  Noted here not because a team scored seven runs in the inning, but because it was the Mariners that did it, and because they did it against the San Diego Padres, who are thus far one of the best pitching staffs in the league.
  • Oliver Perez pitched in relief for the Mets.  He walked a guy.  Actually, this is kind of predictable.
  • This play, in Texas:

I Kinsler reached on infield single to third, I Kinsler to second on throwing error by third baseman M Fontenot. I Kinsler to third on throwing error by second baseman R Theriot.

–predictable part:  the Cubs were involved.

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