Zzzzzz. Oh wait, LOL J/K, I’m gonna go hit.

Previously, the stories had been nothing more than myth:

Griffey Jr. was such a talented baseball player that he could be asleep in the clubhouse, be woken up to come pinch hit and then hit a home run (or double or single) like he’d been loose the entire game.

In 2010, those stories would seem to be just that–stories.

Griffey is not having a great, or even good, year.  He’s batting under .200, slugging just .213 and does not even have a home run on an offense starved for hitters.

Some Mariner blogs have been calling for Griffey to retire, and, well, they have a point:  if the player was anyone else but a first ballot-er, a responsible team would have probably already severed ties.

The thing is, however, even apocryphal stories often have some sort of basis in fact.  That’s what legend often is–an exaggeration of fact.

Yesterday, when Griffey had his pinch hit walk off single, given the surrounding talk of whether or not he was actually sleeping in the clubhouse (when one considers the documentation that he does have sleeping issues, this is not hard to believe), we are reminded that this player whom many other teams would have already cut, had in his prime bordered on the mythic.

Griffey may yet fade further, or he may yet hit his first home run of the season.  We have no idea, but we do know that for one moment, on one May afteroon, Griffey was something of his old self.

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